At Fosla Academy, we prepare our students for the best in all national examinations in Nigeria and international qualifying tests such as BECE, ERC, SSCE, NECO, JAMB, TOEFL, SAT, Football Leagues etc. Usually, our students participate in exchange programmes within and outside the country…

FOSLA ACADEMY is accessed through the main gate located along Karshi-Orozo express road opposite the Police Station.

The School is accommodate both male and female students with full boarding facilities, fenced with perimeter wall of an average of 2 metres high covering an area of about 1.5 kilometres.

In the school, students effectively combine their academic activities with well articulated football programmes;

FOSLA Academy has a central administrative block that comprises the following offices: Proprietor, Reception, Principal, Vice Principal’s, Bursar, and two number staff common rooms. It also has a mult-purpose hall that accommodate 300 persons.

The teaching staff are well-qualified, disciplined, and intelligent, with academic excellence as their watch word;

FOSLA Academy classrooms are very conducive for learning, with only 25 students per class: they are well ventilated and well-fit.

The School is fully equipped with separate, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural and Home Economics laboratories. All the science equipment, fitting, furniture chemicals are provided in conformity with government approved science models. Also there are modern studios for languages and cultural and creative art.

Our well equipped computer laboratory provides Hi-TECH computer with emphasis on “One student, one computer”. The computers are connected to internet and supervised by an operator.

There is a well-equipped library stocked with approved and reference textbooks.

There is also a workshop, pen, poultry cage, and a school farm for practical teaching of Basic Technology, Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Science, respectively.

There are 11 functional clubs in the school which hold every week and annually make presentations and exhibition every first Wednesday of June.

The school has qualified, and registered football coaches attached to the students.

Football programmes are embedded in the School Curriculum to ensure that all are interwoven;

Students are taught how to play the game from the basic level;

There are adequate facilities to ensure the rapid development in the game by the students;

Our boys and girts hostels are spacious end-suite apartment for students. Above all, each student has a separate locker for the safekeeping of his personal belongings.

The School has an ultra-modern well ventilated dining hall that can accommodate 400 students.

Provision of meal at FOSLA Academy can be phrased as “FEEL At HOME”. Our catering staff are second to none, headed by Chef, who ensures that only hygienically prepared meals are served to students. Students are fed four (4) times a day.

The school has an exquisite well equipped clinic where adequate medical services are available for students. There is a school Nurse and a visiting Doctor who attends to students’ health needs.

There is a very reliable source of water – two deep boreholes fitted with filters that supply uninterrupted safe drinking water for student and staff use.

The school is also connected to the national grid through a 500KVA transformer powered by the AEDC. In addition, the school has five stand-by generators. one each for the administrative and classroom block, kitchen and the clinic and the hostel and staff quarters, respectively.

There is a well equipped library.

There is also a block of 16 end-suite apartments for staff quarters which is fully occupied.

A stream running through the school is channeled through a concrete drainage


The School has a website and internet services. The School email address is while it’s website is


FOSLA Academy, a great citadel of learning, based on the accepted Secondary School Curriculum in the country, strictly keyed into the reviewed Curriculum of Nigeria Education System. The school, which has predetermined goals of making the students the world’s first class citizens, will ensure that both theoretical and practical aspects of learning are highly adopted.

The Management team, who steers the ship of progress in FOSLA Academy has ensured that there is no disparity between the curriculum run in the school and that of the Department of Quality Assurance guidelines, Federal Capital Territory Education Secretariat. Below are the accredited subjects being offered in the school, from the Junior secondary levels to the Senior secondary levels.


– English Studies

– Mathematics

– Cultural and Creative Arts

– French Studies

– Business Studies

– Hausa Language

– Basic Science and Technology (BST) Comprising: Basic Technology, Basic Science Physical and Health Education, and Computer Studies.

– Religious and Value Education (RVE) Comprising: Civic Education, Social Studies, Christian Religious Studies, and Islamic Religious Studies.

– Pre-Vocational Studies (PVS) Comprising: Home Economics and Agricultural Science

– Arabic Studies


– English Language

– Mathematics

– Economics

– Physical and Health Education

– Computer Science

– Civic Education

– French Language

– Commerce

– Government

– Financial Accounting&

– Geography

– Literature-in-English

– Chemistry

– Physics

– Biology

– Islamic Religious Knowledge

– Christian Religious Knowledge

– Further Mathematics

– Catering Craft

– Animal Husbandry

The above listed subjects for Junior and Senior Secondary School, will no doubt equip the students for both Junior And External Examination (Basic Education Certificate Examination – BECE) and Senior External Examination (Senior School certificate Examination – SSCE).


Furthermore, at the end of their Senior Secondary education in FOSLA Academy, the students will have the opportunity to embark on their tertiary education based on the departmentalization of these subjects in the school, into art and humanities; entrepreneurship and science and technology department which will assist them in pursuit of their career endeavours.