You are welcome to FOSLA Academy. The school is instituted and positioned to provide the perfect ambiance for scholarly pursuits, to unravel and disseminate new and dynamic knowledge, skill experience and empowerment. Hence the name FOSLA ACADEMY

“To strive for the empowerment of
the youths through their knowledge
and skills, and using the power of
football for the development of
intelligent, enlightened and talented
citiz s of the country.”

“Empowering the youths through
the provision of well-developed
academic and sports curriculum
in furtherance of a strategic plan

a. Develop quality tutorials based on effective supervision and a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum with purposeful emphasis on acquisition of knowledge and ball skills.
b. Eure high standard of discipline is enforced in a firm but homely manner.
c. Create a conducive learning environment and support the study needs of students.
d. Discover and develop the potentials of each student to international standards.
e. Pay proper attention to the peculiar needs of the staff, and motivate to improve them professionally.
f. Ensure that all standards are met to facilitate the attainment of international best practices in teaching and learning.
g. Ensure a 24 hours care programme for all students.
h. And to inculcate the spirit of patriotism, the fear of God and love for humanity among members of FOSLA family in particular, the Academy’s community, and the nation in general.


The motto; knowledge, skill, empowerment.

FOOTBALL, the world’s favourite and most popular game spanned more than 100 years. People have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the game of football; and have no reason to consider it a thing of flitting moment. Celebrated football legends are known to possess in good proportion body fitness, quick reflexes, good sense of judgement, timing and ability to man space. These, no doubt, make intellectual development and sustained body and mental fitness imperative for all those wishing to be involved in the game of football.

It is against this backdrop that Nigeria’s premier independent football secondary school, FOSLA ACADEMY, was conceived and established by one of the country’s foremost and visionary football administrator, Alh. Sani Lulu Abdullahi, the former President of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) (August 2006 – July 2010). His vision is to establish a unique and foremost secondary school that will help talented indigent youths develop their football skills while receiving comprehensive world-class secondary education.

Of this vision, the founder said “FOSLA ACADEMY emerged to provide an avenue for youths that are naturally endowed in football to have a congenial platform to develop their talents and receive Coprehensive secondary education. It is also programmed to mould students into leaders and legends in the game of football; patriotic, resourceful and ingenious world-citizens, who will be unbounded in their desire to excel.

The Academy started in 1994 with the formation of SALFO, aimed at encouraging youths particularly those in the rural areas of the country and the less privileged in the society, to participate actively in youth football tournaments. It was then envisaged that from the activities of SALFO, talented young footballers would be discovered and sponsored to further their education in the various secondary schools within their communities. However, the fundamental problem then (and now) was the lack ofexposure of our youths to organized sports training within and outside their school. Most schools had abandoned sports curriculum and football pitches were fast being converted to classrooms, hostels, offices and even residential houses. Under these circumstances, the talents of many young footballers wasted away untapped. This, undoubtedly, prompted Alh. Sani Lulu Abdullahi to transform SALFO vision into full-blown academy with the wealth of experience garnered as the then President of NFF. He established FOSLA ACADEMY to serve as world-class secondary school to rebuild the game of football, and to fully develop the talents of the youths in a comprehensive academic environment.

After undergoing a study tour of some internationally acclaimed football academies, the founder then restructured SALFO and brought together the 50 pioneer students benefiting from its scholarship scheme under the institution now renamed FOSLA ACADEMY. However, the need to centralize these students into boarding school led to the acquisition in 2002 of a 16 hectare plot of land as FOSLA permanent site located in Karshi, Abuja. Full operation commence as a full secondary boarding school after approval of the then DPI now DQA with 23 students on scholarship and 2 paying students in September, 2011. Presently, the school has a population of approximately 100 students.

The first segment comprises the present significant state of infrastructural development, which cater for both junior and senior secondary school. The second and third segment will take the school to its full completion stage when the pioneer students would have completed their tertiary education, and fully ready to play professional football. These projects are therefore targeted for completion between 2022-2027, God-wishes.


The logo of the academy is a golden shield with the FOSLA Academy written on top and below is the motto: Knowledge, Skill Empowerment.

Inside the shield are, an academic cap, and a football arrowing into a certificate. The academic cap symbolizes the importance attached to the formal education of sudents while the foothall signifies the focus on developing playing skills. In effect, equal importance is attached to both classrcom work and football tranining.

An arrow points to a folded certificate. This explains that the meticulous combination of classroom work (knowledge acquisition) and skills acquired on the football field (skills acquisition), will eventually lead to the acquisition of certificate that will empower the student to earn a decent living in the future.