About Us


  • In FOSLA Academy, students are allowed to combine their academic activities with their football career.
  • The Teaching staff are well-qualified, disciplined, intelligent, with academic excellence as their watch word.
  • FOSLA Academy has qualified football coaches attached to the students.
  • The football programmes are embedded in the school curriculum to ensure that all, are harmoniously interwoven.
  • Students are taught on how to play the game from the basics.
  • There are adequate facilities to enhance the rapid development of the game at FOSLA Academy
  • FOSLA Academy classrooms are very conducive for learning, with only maximum of 25 students per class. They are well ventilated and well-illumed.
  • Our hostels are spacious and en-suit apartments for students. Each of the rooms has four double bunk beds, separate toilets and bathrooms. Above all, each student has a separate locker for safe keeping of his/her personal belongings. Mattress, pillows and customized bed sheets are provided by the school.
  • The school is fully equipped with separate Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science Laboratories. All the science equipments, fittings, furniture, chemicals are provided in conformity with government approved science models.
  • Our well equipped computer laboratory provides Hi – Tech computers with emphasis on “one student, one computer. The computers are connected to the internet, but accessible only with permission of the web administrator.
  • Provision of meals at FOSLA Academy can be phrased as “FEEL AT HOME”Our catering staff are second to none, headed by an experienced chef, who ensures that only hygienically prepared meals are served to the students. Students are fed four(4) times a day: Snacks 7:00am, Breakfast 10:00am, Lunch 2:00pm, and Dinner 6:30pm



  • Develop quality tutorials based on effective supervision and a broad balanced and challenging educational curriculum with purposeful emphasis on acquisition of football skills.
  • Ensure high standard of discipline is enforced in a firm but friendly and homely manner.
  • Ensure a 24- hour care programme for all students.
  • Create a conducive school environment and support the individual study needs of students.
  • Develop the potentials of each student and nurture them to international standards.
  • Give priority attention to the needs of staff of the Academy and motivate and improve them professionally.
  • Ensure that all standards are met to facilitate the delivery of international best practices in teaching and learning.
  • Above all to inculcate the spirit of patriotism and the fear and love of God in the Academy’s community.


  • Scholarship for pupils who excels in their academics and football career at the primary school level
  • Acquisition of relevant football skills and empowering the youths from the tender age
  • Graduating as a professional footballer and a distinguished scholar.

It has been the singular belief of the Proprietor of the Academy Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi that not all footballers can make a living from football, also not all who are educated will feed through their certificates; rather combining the two will make better citizens from the youths. This may have emanated from his being a foremost footballer in his youthful years, sports administrator, FCT Director of Sports, Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) and later the President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)

FOSLA Academy emerged to provide an avenue for youths that are naturally endowed in football to have a platform to develop their talents, and inculcate the spirit of patriotism, service to fatherland and fear and love for God.

The Academy began in 1990 with the formation of SALFO which was aimed at encouraging the youths in the rural areas in the country to participate in youth competitions, where they would be discovered and offered financial assistance for their education in the various secondary schools in their locality.

In 2005, SALFO metamorphosed into FOSLA Academy Ltd with an enlarged vision of empowering the youths in the game of football to ensure that they emerged intelligent, enlightened and talented citizens of the country.

After undergoing a study tour of some of the internationally acclaimed Football Academies in the World, FOSLA Academy was further enlarged to ensure that the over 50 students enjoying the Academy’s external scholarship are brought together and adequately guided in their chosen careers. This led to the formation of the FOSLA Academy School in September 2011 with a 25 pioneering students.