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Class of 2019
Class of 2019 with Propreitor and Principal
2nd Runners-up Etisalat Cup 2016
U-15 Team
Copa Cocacola 2017 Team
Students carrying out their science experiment


How to Apply

In applying for entry into FOSLA Academy, the child must be under thirteen (13) years ( for entry into Jss1 or under fourteen (14) years ( for entry into Jss 2) and might have completed Basic 6 or primary Six or Jss One .

The child will then purchase an admission form at N5,000 ( Five thousand Naira only) and then write an entrance examination. Upon success, the applicant must make a part payment of N75,000 to collect prospectus.

FOSLA  Application

Admission is currently on for J.S.S 1 and S.S.S 1 students respectively. To obtain the form, Click on the link below


Fosla Academy Admission form (PDF)



  • Two sets of school uniforms (Two pairs of shirts and two pairs of trousers)
  • Twelve 80 leaves exercise books.
  • Twelve 40 leaves exercise books
  • Two ball pens
  • One plate
  • One cup
  • Cutlery set (spoons, cup and knife)
  • Mathematical set
  • School tie
  • One student mattress
  • One pillow
  • House wears
  • School wears (Blue or Red ‘T-shirt)
  • One bed sheet and pillow case.
  • Relevant text books


  • One pair of black shoe, polish and brush
  • Two pairs of white stockings
  • One black belt
  • One Mosque gown or Chapel dress (white shirt and black trouser)
  • One towel, sponge, soap and toiletries etc
  • One bucket
  • One bathroom slippers
  • One pair of canvass for sports
  • Under wears (pants, boxer pants, singlet etc)
  • One drawing board for JSS students only.
  • Mosquito net
  • Two mopping brushes
  • One pair of football hose
  • One pair offootball boot
  • One pair of shin guard
  • Two brooms
  • Two pairs of Yellow Jersey